Since 1954, Riegler Blacktop has served the paving needs of the Tri-State Area. Len Riegler started a company that was built on hard work and great customer care. Starting with only a few resources, Len Riegler and his family turned the business into one of the largest in the Tri-State Area. The business began with two trucks and a farm tractor and has now expanded to 12-14 crews a day, 230 pieces of equipment and over 115 employees.

Riegler Blacktop is a family owned and operated business and takes great pride in the Riegler name. Len’s wife, Mary, ran the office out of the basement of their home in Erlanger, while Len taught his sons the value of hard work and customer service. By 1989 the company expanded to its current location in Florence, KY. The company continues to expand on the solid base provided by Len Riegler.

Len passed away in 1988 and his wife Mary continued to work in the business until her passing in 2007. Ownership is now shared between the second and third generations. This mix creates a great combination of experience and guidance, as well as, fresh ideas and new technology.

Riegler Blacktop has expanded due to high quality work, competitive pricing, and great customer care. As we continue to grow we are looking forward to the opportunity for our family to provide your business or family with the same high quality services that have made Riegler Blacktop what it is today.