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At Riegler Blacktop we also provide maintenance options for your parking lots. There is not a repair that we have not seen in our 65 years of business and look forward to sharing our experience with you to come up with the best repair possible for your parking lot needs.


We have crews that specialize in various type of cracksealing. This preventative maintenance helps keep water out of the sub-base of your pavement where it can cause major damage to your investment.


Sealcoating is a service that helps extend the life of your pavement and gives it that fresh new look as well in the process. The sealer is applied either by spray or by squeegee application. Squeegee application is a higher cost due to additional labor and more material being applied. There are various factors that will determine which application is right for your parking lot and our experienced estimators will help you make the best choice for your parking lot.


We provide parking lot layouts, new striping, and re-striping of existing


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